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•   Reed Edstrom  12/23
•   Roger Oelschlager  12/27
•   Terre Richardson  12/28
•   Margaret Strand (Murphy)  12/30
•   Jim Rasmussen  1/1
•   Diane Person (Kittleson)  1/4
•   Ronald Nystedt  1/5
•   Dave Wee  1/6
•   David Robideau  1/7
•   Judy Mata (Fehling)  1/8
•   Julie Jerpbak (Little)  1/9
•   Bob Smith  1/11
•   Russell Alman  1/13
•   Ron Perisho  1/13
•   Patricia Cossette (Strand)  1/14
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Bloomington High School
Class Of 1962




Welcome to the Official Website for the Bloomington High School Class Of 1962.

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